domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010


Aquí mi primera entrada en inglés, como alguna vez la prometí. Cualquier correción en los comments ;) Nota, escribí esto un viernes, así que cuando esté publicado ya estaré abrazando mi uniforme en Perú.

It's said that dreams show us what we want to see, or even predict the future. Predicting the future...nah, I don't thik so. It seems like a scifi movie, but who knows. They can be produced by simple thoughts, or experiences lived days or months before. 

Because of the dream, we could wake up with a big smile stick in our face until midnight, or just believing that your neighbour is a vampire. Only in the morning it's possible to remind all about it, and by the afternoon it's a little bit impossible if it wasn't amazing/scary enough. I've heard that we always dream, but ocassionally remember them, like a monthly cycle. Strange.

I've had lots of nonsense dreams. For example, one time world was made of plastiline and a pelican was staring at me (?). In another, the day before sleeping I was reviewing videos about Silent Hill and the famous Umbrella Corporation, so zombies inhabitated my night-dream.  It was very ridiculous, because at the beggining of my dream we were escaping from the awful zombies. When they finally catched me, IT WAS LIKE A HIDE'N'SEEK GAME! Wooho, there is a human, let's eat him! ._______.

I've dreamed of me being nude in school, too. And nobody noticed me. Yes, NOBODY.

Lately, sweet dreams have been knocking my door. The day before this I dreamed it was the end of the world -I bet you are asking, IS THAT A SWEET DREAM?-, and I don't know how, a pair of twins were in a relationship with me. Without warning, it endend with both of them u.u. So I was looking for some "comfort", and my best friend was there for me. Well, he is not really my best friend... in real life, but I wish he was. He gave me a hug...and I was the happiest person in the world, well, in my fake world. I was supposed to confess my feelings for him -this sounds soo "soap opera"-. However, I didn't.

When I woke up, I asked myself if I was really that kind of stupid.

Today I dreamed with another guy that, how can I say this, interests me -probably that's ill written-. Hahahaha :) But he doesn't even know me u_u. The point is, my dream was related to ice skating and that nobody accepted him. We met each other, we were happy, blah blah blah. The feeling of waking up with the fake reality is wonderful. But fake.

I know this isn't a masterpiece, but...bah :) Have a good weekend, don't eat too many candies on Halloween and be happy. Tomorrow I'm arriving in Peru, wii :D

* Domina
Tan tan tan tan...chesse with pan. That joke doesn't work u_u...Flickr Phoootos :)

PS: I don't know why this post sounds soo much cooler in english.
PS2: I love Lie to me. How can it be soo freakin' amazing?
PS3: TEHEEEE. Today, great day :)
PS3: Aww, 44 followers. Love ya, like Mafer says {:

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luxin dijo...

oye genialllllllllllllllll! tu post!
:) muchas gracias enserio por acerlo in inglish jajaja usé mis enseñansas britanicas para traducirlo *-*, me demoré eso si, pro pude traducirlo ; D jajajaja wiiiiiiiiii no sabia q podia traducir tanto jajaja ;D
gracias i buenos tus sueños con zombis jajaja io siempre sueño con resident evil jajaja saludos =)


Mrs. R dijo...

Oh! Puede que algún día me anime y lo haga yo también en inglés :D